Leekfrith Neighbourhood Plan

We are preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for Leekfrith Parish.

A neighbourhood plan is an important document that can become part of the
statutory development plan for the National Park and the District Council.

Neighbourhood planning is about bringing people together to influence the future of the
places they live and work in.

8 JULY 2018

The neighbourhood plan has now been amended following the statutory consultation.  We are working with SMDC and PDNPA to complete the supporting documents and check that the plan complies with legislation. Once this is done it will be formally submitted to the planning authorities who will undertake a further consultation, and arrange for independent examination and referendum.

The final submission version can be accessed HERE

31 JANUARY 2018

THE NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN HAS PROGRESSED TO THE STAGE WHEN A LEGAL PUBLIC CONSULTATION IS REQUIRED in which comments on the draft proposals are invited from those who live, work or carry out business in Leekfrith parish.

The Plan as well as 4 appendices and a Notification explaining how and by when to comment can be read HERE

THE NOTIFICATION   THE PLAN   Appendix 1   Appendix 2   Appendix 3   Appendix 4

Please take the time to read the plan if you are a parishioner or work in the parish and if you have any comments please send them to us as detailed in the Notification. If you know any parishioners not on the web please tell them how they can see a paper copy. Or email bobfoster4722@gmail.com with addresses etc and I will send a paper copy to them.



In April 2015 we were given the green light to officially prepare a neighbourhood plan see News Release

Here is the Vision and Scope of the Leekfrith Neighbourhood Plan

Vision and Scope of Leekfrith NP.pdf


A progress report DEC 2015

Progress on the Leekfrith Neighbourhood Plan Dec 15.pdf


MAY 2016

The following three documents were sent out to every household in the parish

Blank questionnaire for survey for Neighbourhood Plan

Upper Hulme Mill possible indicitive uses map Appendix 1 in the survey

Possible sites for "Affordable" homes in Meerbrook  Appendix 2 in survey

Below is the overview of the reults of the Questionnaire

Survey overview